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Conditions of Use


Terms and conditions of the "Fairena" fair trade exhibition

1.) Registration

The booking becomes legally effective as an application only if the invoicing amount has been fully paid to the organizer within the time of payment, which amounts 14 days. The exhibitor has a cancellation time limit of 14 days after occurred reservation.


With the reservation, the buyer does accept the “terms and conditions” as obliging for him- or herself as well for his or her authorized representative. At the same time he or she commits him- or herself to the adherence of the rules and regulations concerning the work sector, the business domain and the and safety regulations, in particular concerning the fire protection, accident control, trade names and pricing. Also accepted without limitation are the “general conditions” of the particular exhibition hall and accordingly the association of the lessors of the open-air ground or the owner of the private properties according to the respectively recent state.


The organizer decides about the accreditation of the buyer, the exhibition-merchandise and the sale of goods. . A legal entitlement to licensing does not exist. The organizer is authorized to forbid goods, which have not been reported in writing as well as unlicensed and second-hand products. Competition exclusion neither may be required nor be accepted. All binding applications of the buyer, which have been received, and the following confirmation and as the case may be, invoices are being charged by the organizer document the conclusion of the contract. The cancellation of the contract via the organizer is being given, if the conditions of the issue have changed. The organizer is authorized to cancel the contract, if a delay of payment has still not been withdrawn although already two reminders have been sent. In this case, a withdrawal fee of 25% from the invoiced amount will be charged.

2) Force majeure

If the organizer cannot carry out the event because of a force majeure, the exhibitor immediately has to be informed about this case. A claim for refund and for return of already paid fees will not arise for the exhibitor. If the organizer has the possibility to arrange the event later, he has to inform the exhibitors immediately about this case. If so, the exhibitor is bound to the existing contract and has to take part and pay all invoices. If the organizer has to reduce or cancel an event, which has already started because of an act of God, the exhibitor has no possibility to claim for refund or waiver of a fee for the stand.

3) Legal venue, place of fulfillment, safeguarding

The Place of fulfillment for all contract obligations and exclusive legal venue for all conflicts is the city Fürstenfeldbruck in Germany. This counts for all issues concerning the „Fairena“exhibition contract. All changes of the contract require a written from. If parts of the contract are invalid, the legal conditions replace the conditions void by law. All other parts of the contract remain unaffected.

If the exhibitor is behind on paying the stand fee by the time of the set dates, the organizer has the right to resign from the admittance. A deadline with a menace of exclusion expressed by the organizer is not necessary.

4) Space rates, Terms of payment

The invoices issued by the organizer have to be paid without deductions at the mentioned terms.
All fees raised include the legal value added tax.
If the exhibitor is behind on paying the space rates by the time stipulated, the organizer is entitled to resign from the approval. For the organizer an appointment of date plus menace exclusion is dispensable.

5) Cancelation of the registration

The application for an exceptional cancelation of the registration needs a letter of agreement stated by the organizer in order to be legally valid. Both declarations of intent need the written form. A short-term resignation within 14 days before the beginning of the fair is excluded. With the resignation from the contract, 25% of the space rent and all costs caused by the exhibitor become due to the payment. The exhibitor has the right to furnish proof that no or only few damages can result from this towards the organizer. The organizer can demand that he release from the contract can be dependent on the ulterior tenancy. In the case of the new renting, the first exhibitor is responsible for the balance of the actual rent and the achieved rent plus the costs caused by him or her. If an ulterior tenancy is not possible, the organizer has the right to instruct another exhibitor to move to this free space, which is still left. In addition, the stand can expediently be used for other matters. If necessary the use of the stand occur free of charge. In this respect, the tenant has no right for rent price decrease. The costs for decorations and/or other use of the stand, which has not been used, will be balanced on the first buyers account.

6) The constitution of the stand

During the whole event the platform of the stand must be equipped properly and staffed with specialized employees during the whole term of the event an at the determined opening hours. The construction has to be locked up at not later than the time limit for the installation and the packaging material has to be removed from the stand, too. The evacuation of exhibited goods and dismantling of the stand before the end of the event is forbidden. A violation of limit of the defined height for the stand has to be allowed by the organizer. The same is valid for the exhibition of very heavy exhibited goods. Anchorages being added to the hall ground, walls or ceilings are not allowed. Floors, hall walls, columns and other attached installations may neither be colored nor be wallpapered. Multi-story stands are forbidden. Damages caused by an exhibitor have to be replaced by him or her. Damages must immediately be reported to the organizer after the occurrence. The exhibited goods, which still can be found at the stands after the dismantling – deadline, can be removed and stored at the expenses of the exhibitor. The permanent access to installation and fire protection facilities has to be secured. The design of the individual exhibition stands has to occur in a way that no neighboring companies are handicapped by exhibits, advertising spaces or show items. The organizer has the right to enunciate the change of the construction of the stand or to let it be removed, if it has not been authorized. In case that the request of a change is not complied with, the organizer has the right to change the stand, to remove or to close it at the expenses of the exhibitor. If the stand has to be closed, a payback of the stand fee is excluded.

7) Construction and dismantling

The construction starts at 9.00 a.m., one day before the exhibition will be opened. The exhibitor has to completely remove the exhibition stand during the last day of the fair until 12:00 a.m. and has to restore the original condition. The exhibitor has to return the committed space and objects intact and without defects after the end of the event and the dismantling of the stands. Damages have to be removed properly. Otherwise, the organizer is authorized have these works being done at the expenses of the exhibitor after ineffective action. Further claims to compensation remain untouched to this. Very heavy goods are not allowed to overrun the static load of the surface area. No concerns can be enunciated for overlaying the floors with standard floor coverings, if the floor stays free from glue and other fixing material. For possible damages and pollutions a fee will be required (at the expense of the exhibitor) for the removal.

Waste disposal

The cleaning of the stand is a matter of the exhibitor. Cleaning and a waste container can be ordered via the organizer. The exhibitor only may dismantle the stand after the end of the fair. If this is not maintained, a conventional penalty of 1,000.00 Euros plus VAT will be charged, accepting the organizer clears the event before its end.

8) General


Fairena“fair organisation

Peter Brudna

Feldstr. 23

82140 Olching

Tel.: 08142 6523760


Reithalle Munich, Heßstr. 132, 80797 Munich

9) Surveillance

The organizer is responsible for the surveillance of the area including the halls.
Nevertheless, the exhibitor has to take care that his own stand is supervised and watched over at his or her own risk. Damages have to be prevented by concluding suitable liability insurance.

At nighttime valuable objects, which slightly can be removed, must be locked away by the exhibitor. The organizer is not responsible for thefts and other losses, in case that these have not been proceeded with intent or grossly negligent and/ or has violated the body, the life or rather the health of people culpably.

10) Advertisement

Advertisement of all kind is permitted only within the rented stand area for the own company of the exhibitor and only for products made and sold products, as far as these have been registered and admitted. The same one is valid for the use of other devices and equipment, which provide an increased optical or acoustic advertising effect. Special permission for sponsors can be allowed on inquiry. Advertisement of political character is generally forbidden. The organizer must approve all foreign advertising activities. The organizer is authorized to remove unapproved advertisement or constructions at the expenses of the exhibitor after calling to order.

11) Liability, insurance

The organizer is only responsible for paying for the damages concerning the whole exhibition area, if these have been caused by him or her or the servants. The limitation is not valid for damages done in case of intention or gross negligence. For damages caused by malfunction of the facility, breakdowns or other incidents occurred to the event, the organizer only is liable for the case of intention or gross negligence. The organizer is not liable for damages, thefts or other destructions of the exhibition goods and the equipment of the stands and secondary damages. The exhibitor is liable towards the organizer according to the legal regulations.

It is strongly recommended to contract an insurance for exhibitors.

12) Domestic authority rules, violation

The exhibitor complied with himself or herself to the domestic authority rules of the organizer concerning the whole exhibition-area during the event. All staff members must obey directions. Offences against the conditions of participation or the directions within the scope of the domestic authority rules do authorize the immediate closing of the stand, if the violation still won´t stop even though a request has been stated. The costs will be charged from the exhibitor. No claims, regardless of any kind, can be charged from the organizer.

13) Market regulations

Directions made by the organizer of the exhibition, the police, the fire department as well as the police authorities have to be obeyed in any case. Every stand has to have a sign with the name and the address of the supplier. This sign has to be attached visible. Music transmission and loudspeaker announcements are not permitted.
Goods have to be marked with price tags or inscriptions.

Assistants who offer alcoholic beverages must prove that they are in the possession of a restaurant-juridical permission. Staff-members who prepare must have valid certificate of good health according to §17 and §18 of the German law.

14) Cleaning

The organizer provides for the general cleaning of the building. The cleaning of the stand is to be incumbent upon the exhibitor. Daily cleaning has to be finished before the beginning of the event.

15) Co-exhibitors, subletting:

Co-exhibitors, as well as subletting are only allowed, with previous registration approval by the organizer.

16) Sales

Direct sales are permitted during the professional visitor's day, if this has not been expressly prohibited separately. The sales objects have to be provided with clearly readable price tags. The purchasing and observance of the fair trade commission and health-regulation permissions have to be done by the exhibitor.

17) Verbal arrangements

Verbal arrangements and supplements to an agreement are only valid by written confirmation.

18) Installation of electricity and water

The organizer has to provide electricity coming from distribution devices near all stands. During the registration, the exhibitor has to inform the organizer about the required hookups and the current value (maximum 1 kW per exhibition stand). The exhibitor is responsible for the operational safety of the devices used by him. Fluent water is not available for the stands. The organizer is not responsible for interruptions and power fluctuations of the electrical connections.

19) Commercial legal protection

The safety of the copyright or other commercial property rights of the exhibition-objects is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

20) Safety regulations

The exhibitor commits himself or herself to the observance the fire protection and accident prevention regulations. As far as necessary safety devices have to be attached to machines and technical equipment, these devices have to correspond to the government safety organizations accident prevention regulations. Gas bottles or other inflammable materials have to be stored beyond the hall. Inside the exhibition halls, smoking is prohibited.

21) Space allocation

The organizer will carry this out. Hereby the concept and the available halls and surfaces will be taken into account. During the registration expressed place wishes will be considered as far as possible. The organizer is entitled to change the size, the shape and the position of the assigned stand, if this is necessary for organizational reasons. The organizer has to inform the exhibitor as soon as possible if this action has to be done. A swap of an assigned space with another exhibitor, as well as partial or completely utilization of the space towards another exhibitor, is not permitted without approval of the organizer. A claim to approval does not exist. The temporary order of the entrance of the registration is not only authoritative for the stand area's allocation.

Refund or subsequent billing

Damage claims are excluded. The exhibitor must also accept that with beginning of the fair the situation of the remaining stand areas could have been changed opposite to the time of the licensing; no demand can be deduced because of this. He or She cannot derive claims out of this.

22) Transportation and removal of exhibited goods

The organizer refuses to receive all shipments sent to the exhibitors and will not take over responsibility at any time in case of a loss or a wrong delivery.

23) Exhibitor's identity cards

Exhibitors will receive uniform exhibitor's identity cards from the organizer. These will be sent in the run-up to the exhibition.

24) Lien

The payment of the stand fee at the set appointments is the premise for the use assigned stand area. In order to secure, the account the organizer reserves the right to practice a renter-lien and to sell the pledged property after a written notification without holding on. A liability for damages to the pledged property will not be assumed, except in case of by intention or coarse carelessness.

25) Connection of objects

The organizer can require that objects, which were not included in the registration form or seem to be harassing, endangering or some other, have to be removed. If these expectations are not being met, the organizer will remove the objects at the expenses of the exhibitor .

26) Photographic

The organizer is entitled to produce photographs, drawings and film-recordings of the exhibition events, constructions and stands and the issued objects and is allowed to use these for advertisement or press publications, the exhibitor can´t raise an objection against this. This is also valid for recordings made from the press or television companies on-site who possess admissions from the exhibitor for this case.


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