Fairena - Öko-Messe für fair trade und bio Produkte und Nachhaltigkeit in München Messe für fair trade Produkte und Nachhaltigkeit
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Information for and about the exhibitors

You would like to represent your company at the Fairena fair trade exhibition?

Exhibitors who do suit to the theme of the Fairena-exhibition can apply for the fair right away. Please click onto the link stated below and ensure your participation

Themes of the exhibition:

- Fair trade
- Food being planted in a controlled biological way of cultivation
- Textiles made out of naturally grown material
- Natural cosmetics
- Non-polluting detergents
- Living and building in a natural and natural and power-saving way
- Environmentally friendly traffic and transport solutions

Information about the base of the stands and the corresponding fees:

Starting with an amount of 35, - Euros plus VAT per square meter it is possible to rent a base for a stand at the Fairena exhibition. For further information about the fees and available space, please click onto the following link.

Booking, prices and further information for the exhibitors concerning the stand for the exhibition.


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